What is Electric Heating in a Home?

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Learn More About Electric Heating

There are many ways and methods of heating your home yet ones that have become more popular lately could be with radiant electric heating and other kinds of electric options. Essentially you can use the electrical systems you already use with your property and function it to where it will heat your home as well. With the many innovations seen with energy efficiency, this can indeed be a cost-effective way to heat your residence. It’s important to consider the details involved with each type of electric heating so that you can choose a heating option that will fit with your preferences. Get in touch with your local HVAC company today to discuss what can be beneficial for you. Here is some general information regarding electric heating that may prove useful in the meantime.

What does electric heating mean?

Electric heating has to do with a process of using electrical energy or currents that are then converted into heat energy. Common electric heating methods use water heating, space heating, and industrial processes. 

Electric Heating for Home

Electric heating can be applied to your home in several ways. You can use radiant heating in your floor, walls, and ceilings which can be enjoyable as they are quick options to heat a room. Here heat is applied directly to where it is placed through contact similar to stovetop heating where the surface is being heated and whatever comes in contact with that surface will be heated as well. A similar option to this is with hot water heating, aka hydronic, radiant floors often used in Asian countries. Another way you can use electric heating is with standard heat pumps which will take heat from the outside air using refrigerant and electricity to pump air into the property. You can either use compression heat pumps that run on electricity or absorption heat pumps that run on either electricity of combustion fuels like natural gas. Finally, electric furnaces can be used that work by using electric resistance heat coils to send heat through ductwork. As this is a forced-air system it’s important to regularly change air filters when needed.

Is electric heat efficient?

Electric heating is an efficient option in that it will use the energy used thoroughly to spread heat through rooms quicker than standard baseboards. 

What is the most efficient form of electric heat?

Infrared heating can potentially be the most efficient heating system as unlike other forms of electric heating, this system will warm the object and people directly instead of heating the air. This type of heating differs from convection heating systems used with central air systems and can be considered a more direct and instant approach to heating rooms.

How Electric Heating Elements Work

Electric heating will typically use a ribbon (corrugated or straight,) coil or strip of wire that will release heat about the same way as lamp filaments. The electric current will convert its energy passing through into heat which will radiate in all directions. This process is considered Joule heating where the current through the element will encounter resistance and therefore result in heating the element. Unlike the Peltier effect, this type of heating is independent of the direction of the current.

Can electric heating be cost effective?

Electric heating can be cost-effective with heat pumps and furnaces installed into the home and the fact that it can be used in conjunction with current electrical lines.

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What is the cheapest way to heat your house with electric?

  • Infrared Heating Panels
  • Heat Pumps
  • Storage heaters
  • Solar PV
  • Solar Thermal
  • Biomass

Why is electric heating preferred over other types of heating?

Electric heating may be an economical option over other conventional heating methods which can be why they may be preferred. Installation costs and running the systems can be moderate and there can be automatic protection against abnormal behaviors with electric heating.

What are the advantages of electric heating?

Electric heating is an environmentally friendly option as it won’t rely on burning gas and subsequently sending carbon monoxide through the air which would be released into the atmosphere. Using electricity will preserve natural resources since fuel won’t be required and therefore emissions won’t be released. You won’t have to worry about emergencies with gas as it won’t risk gas leaks.

Is electric heating the future?

Electric heating can very well be used more often as energy-saving trust reports state that post-2020 dwellings with direct-acting electric heating can achieve similar CO2 emissions than those with A rated gas boilers. This is in part due to the decarbonization of grid electricity. 

Contact A Professional HVAC Company

Get in touch with your local HVAC company when you require services with your system such as electric heating system repair. There are many forms of getting heating incorporated into your home with electric heating only being one of them. It’s important to consider your options with a professional in order to see what type of system will work best for your home’s specifications and budget. With electric heating systems, you’ll be sure to conserve energy and get heat transferred throughout your home quickly and efficiently.

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