What is a Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit?

commercial rooftop hvac unit

There Are A Lot of Advantages To Getting Rooftop Commercial Air Conditioning Unit Installation

Many commercial buildings will place their air conditioning units on their roof instead of on the ground. This is to prevent theft, vandalism, and improve aesthetics of the business. Since most commercial buildings have flat roofs, rooftop HVAC units easily fit right on the flat, unused space. However, commercial rooftop HVAC units tend to wear down commercial roofs quicker, requiring them to get roof repair in Maryland. Rocky HVAC offers a range of HVAC repairs, including those of commercial rooftop HVAC unit in Baltimore, MD. If you need your rooftop commercial air conditioning unit in Severn and Baltimore, MD repaired, call us today at (410) 216-0077.

Benefits of Rooftop HVAC Units

  • Saves Energy: Having a properly working rooftop commercial air conditioning unit helps to save you money by lowering your energy bill.
  • Less Noise Pollution: HVAC units are loud, but with them on the roof, no one has to hear them running.
  • Space Saving: With the entire roof and tons of space available, you have more room to put this large HVAC unit out of the way.
  • Adaptable: These units can be placed wherever on the roof and withstand severe weather.
  • Easy to Maintain: A rooftop commercial air conditioning unit has all the parts together unlike a regular central air conditioner, where there is the outside and inside unit.
  • Better Protected: With commercial air conditioning units off the ground and on the rooftop, this lowers the chance of theft and vandalism as it is harder for criminals to get on the roof.