How Can I Increase the Airflow in My Room?

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How To Get More Airflow

Are you not getting enough airflow in your home? You might asking how can “I increase the airflow in a particular room” or “How do I increase the airflow on my second floor?” and there are a couple of reasons why you may have low airflow in your home. These reasons are that your air filters are either too dirty, you don’t have adequate amount of return air vents, or there are issues with your air duct system. What is air duct system? An air duct system is where cool and warm air flow to warm or cool different areas of your home. When you aren’t getting enough airflow and its due to the air ducts, the problem could be with air duct leakages, ducts that are too big, or ducts that were improperly installed or blocked. In order to increase the airflow in your home due to air duct issues, its important to call an HVAC technician to solve the problem and get your air ducts working again. If the problem is with inadequate air duct installation or air ducts, a new HVAC technician can perform air duct installation service to provide you with new air ducts.

How Do You Increase Airflow in Air Ducts?

If you are wanting to ensure that your air ducts are providing your home with the best airflow, there are a couple of ways you can do that.

  • Seal Ductwork: One of the reasons that you aren’t getting good airflow is because the air ducts aren’t properly sealed; this can cause them to leak air. Having them re-sealed will ensure that all of the air stays in the air ducts and comes out of the air vents.
  • Clean Your Air Vents: If there is dust all over the air vents, then airflow coming from the air ducts are unable to move through freely. Clean air vents are one of the easiest ways to have proper airflow.
  • Clean Your Return Grill: The return grill can also get pretty dusty. Make sure to clean the return grill in order to have better airflow.
  • Unblock Air Vents: Sometimes a piece of furniture or even curtains can block the air vents, which prevents airflow from entering different areas of your home. Make sure your air vents don’t have anything in front of them.
  • Change Air Filters: Air filters are able to trap dust so that your air conditioner runs more efficiently. Without clean air filters, the air isn’t able to flow out very well. To take care of the problem, change your air filters regularly.

Air Ducts Where To Install

Air ducts will need to be installed where a room is either too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer. When investing in air duct installation, it is important to call a professional for assistance. They will be able to accurately tell if you are needing an air duct or if the problem can be fixed another way. If they find that air duct installation is needed, then they can get to work. How long does it take to install ductwork? This type of job will usually take at least one to two days to complete. It all depends on how much work is needed to install a new air duct system.

How Often Should You Replace Ductwork?

When it comes to replacing your air ducts, they need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years. They need to be replaced within this time frame in order to avoid pieces of the ductwork from forming gaps or sagging in some places, as well as keep pests from infesting the air ducts. Other times that you will need to replace your air ducts and call an HVAC technician for air duct installation is if your energy bills are high or you think your indoor air quality is poor. For a lot of people, they consider air ducts and air vents to be the same thing, so they wonder if air duct vs air vent is better. It’s important to note that air ducts are where the air flows and the air vents are where the air comes out of, so they are completely different components.

How Much Does it Cost To Install New Ductwork?

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Air Duct Installation Cost

The cost of air duct installation is going to depend on whether you are adding new ductwork or you are replacing it. While these are important factors to consider, the typical cost of air duct installation is close to $1,000. If you are needing air duct installation in Severn and Baltimore, MD, the HVAC contractors at Rocky HVAC are here to help you. We offer professional air conditioning service that will leave your home with great ductwork. Just like you wouldn’t just call anywhere for plumbing service in Rockville, MD, you can’t call just anybody for air duct installation. When you choose us, we assure you that we can offer you high-quality services at an affordable cost. Get in touch with us at (410) 216-0077 to learn more!