Do home air purifiers really work?

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Do you ever step outside for a breath of fresh air when you’re at home? Only to realize the air outside was fresher than the air in your home. Studies have found that the air inside our homes isn’t as healthy as we would like to believe. Which explains the increase in home air purifier sales!

Today, we fill our homes with furniture that has glue holding it together. We need a home air purifier for dust and other airborne allergens like bacteria, mold spores, pet dander, pet odors, and viruses. With times as they are now, with COVID-19, a homeowner should take every precaution possible to protect their family, and a home air purifier can help.

Where should I place my air purifier?

Single-room home air purifiers are portable and can be placed in any room where you spend most of your time.  With this portability, you can get the maximum benefits. You should position the unit three feet from furniture or walls so the air can circulate properly.

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How long does it take an air purifier to clean a room?

Depending on the size of a room, most home air purifiers will clean a small room with thirty minutes and a larger room within two hours. The room size is a factor in how long it will take, as is the fan speed, and the purifying coverage of the home air purifier your purchase.

The box of the home air purifier you purchase should have the information on it. If you’re purchasing your home air purifier in a store, a salesperson could inform you, or you research the different brands and models of home air purifiers.

You want to choose a home air purifier that will fulfill the size of the room you intend to place it. If you choose a four speed unit, it can get the air cleaner faster than a two speed home air purifier.

To get the best out of the air purifier, we recommend running the unit at full speed for at least a couple of hours and switch back to lower speed to maintain the room quality standard.

“Do you leave air purifier on all day?” and “Should I sleep with air purifier on?” are two of the most commonly asked questions when a homeowner is shopping for a home air purifier. These are legitimate questions, and the answer is simple: a home air purifier should be left on 24/7/365.  Why?

Because airborne particles such as bacteria, dust, and pet dander do not stop while you sleep, nor do they take the day off. If you turn off the home air purifier, it has to start all over when you turn it back on. To keep the air clean in the room where you position the unit, leave the unit on.

If the energy useconcerns you, purchase a four speed home air purifier and turn it down to the lowest speed during the day. What may surprise you, a home air purifier uses no more energy than your home computer. If you want to turn something off to save on energy costs, turn your computer off.

Are air purifiers a waste of money?

No, a home air purifier is not a waste of money. If you spend money purchasing over-the-counter medications, doctor appointments, and prescription medication for allergies, breathing issues, or sinus infections, a home air purifier can minimize these expenses, maybe eliminate them.You can expect severalhome air purifier benefits like these:

1.    A home air purifier will ensure clean breathing air inside your home for your family. It is estimated by the EPA that the air in our homes is up to five times dirtier than the air outdoor.

2.    A home air purifier will remove odors like the fish you cooked on Sunday, the cat litter box, and even the popcorn your kids burned.

3.    Your pets release airborne allergens from their fur and pet dander and let’s not forget the odors pets generate! A home air purifier will help you combat these things by removing them before they settle and become trapped.

4.    Whether it is your husband’s cigars or the fireplace, a home air purifier will help neutralize that smoke odor before it settles in the drapes and furniture.

5.    A home air purifier will trap dust that finds its way into your home.

6.    Home air purifiers remove as much as ninety-nine percent of the airborne bacteria that is in your home. During cold and flu season, and in times like we’re living today with COVID 19, a home air purifier will cycle the air through internal filters repeatedly to remove those things.

7.    Nothing is a better friend in your home during allergy, cold, and flu season than a home air purifier. A true HEPA air purifier that uses UV bulbs will capture those airborne germs and neutralize them.

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Closing Thoughts

A home air purifier and humidifier will serve two different purposes. While the home air purifier will reduce the allergens like dust, mold spores, and pet dander, the humidifier will keep the air moist, making any allergy or asthma symptoms less irritating.

There are several models of home air purifiers on the market. There are brands with a replaceable filter and there is a home air purifier with washable filters. The choice is yours, each claim to be better than others, but do your research before purchasing one to get what is right for you.