Do Air Purifiers Really Work?

HEPA Filter for Whole House Air Purifier

What is the Best Whole House Air Purifier?

Air purifiers add health benefits and protect the home from harmful air pollutants. There is a difference between individual room air purifiers and whole home purifiers, which is an important distinction. Whole house air purifiers are attached to the home’s existing HVAC systems and provide extensive air filtration, purifying the air from allergens, potential pollutants, and more. An excellent home air purifier should have a large coverage area and a number of filters. A filter-activated carbon filter and a true HEPA filter and prefilter should be expected. In addition, it is important that such an air purifier has an excellent, long-lasting warranty. At the date of this publication, the AIRMEGA 400 fits within these parameters and has been favorably rated. To receive more information about what is available in your area, please feel free to contact a reputable HVAC company.

Do You Have to Run Air Purifiers All the Time?

While it is important to be concerned about energy usage, air purifiers should be in operation in order to have an effect on the home atmosphere. Turn the fan speed to low when concerned about energy usage. Air purification is a continuous process because the air quality in the home is constantly changing. Running the air purifier for a number of hours and expecting the air to remain clean is not feasible. In addition, air purifiers work more efficiently in homes where the windows and doors are shut. When a window is open, the clean air is ventilated out, and potential pollutants are introduced.

How Do I Purify the Air in My House?

Looking for different ways to purify the air in your home? Please browse the following list to reveal some pro-tips about increasing the air purity in your home.

  • Install a whole house air purifier. While this recommendation is fairly straightforward, it solves the conundrum of air purification succinctly.
  • Open your windows. One of the simplest ways to achieve better quality air, and reduce the number of pollutants indoors, is to open the windows. 
  • Purchase and maintain indoor plants. Indoor plants can help improve indoor air quality, according to a study published by the American Society for Horticultural Science. 

How Do I Purify the Air in My House Naturally?

Great news! There are a number of ways for homeowners to purify the air in their homes naturally. One of these ways is by leaving shoes next to the door after coming in from the outdoors. Leaving shoes next to the front door means that pollutants from the outdoors, such as pesticides, pollen, fungi, and bacteria or feces can be left in one space, versus tracked around the house. Another consideration would be to keep pets well-groomed. Pet dander is found nearly everywhere in a home. Pet dander can cause inhabitants of a home to develop asthma-like symptoms or exacerbate asthma if it already exists.

How Can I Improve the Air Quality In My Room?

It’s important to know that there are always ways for homeowners to increase the air quality of their homes or even their room. A clean room is a healthier room because good indoor hygiene greatly cuts down on dust and animal dander. Focus your cleaning efforts on strategies that reduce the accumulation of pet dander, mold, and dust, which always accumulate in a home without proper intervention. Changing air filters can also greatly assist with indoor air quality. Electrostatic filters should be changed with frequency and can help ensure that dust and other airborne irritants get trapped instead of recirculated throughout the home.

Whole House Air Purifier for Allergies

Do you have allergies? You are not alone. Many homeowners elect to install a whole house air purifier due to their allergies. When compared to portable room air purifiers, whole house air purifiers are more efficient because they operate within the parameters of the home’s HVAC system. These are filter-based units that are installed in HVAC furnace systems and air intake points. Whole house air purifiers can filter dust, pet hair, pet dander, and mold spores. This efficiency makes it easy for such systems to eliminate harmful contaminants in the air.

Whole House Air Purifier for Furnace

There are different varieties of air purification in the home. One of these varieties is a replacement filter-based whole house air purifier, which is essentially a furnace filter for your air conditioning unit. There is a more expensive option, which is an electronic air cleaner that is installed into the HVAC unit in lieu of the media filter. Please inspect your furnace, and your air purification options beforehand. If you happen to notice that your gas line is in need of repair, it is important to secure a gas line service as soon as possible. 

Whole House Air Purifier Worth It

If the inhabitants of the home are struggling with allergies, and the home is usually kept quite clean, installing a whole house air purifier system may be worth the initial investment. The operating costs of a whole house air purifier system are significant, as they must be in continuous operation. Moreover, air purifiers while air purifiers are excellent at removing airborne particles, the dust and dander that has settled into the carpet can only be removed with the use of a vacuum cleaner. 

A Filter for the Whole House Air Purifier

Whole House Air Purifier vs Portable

There are important differences between these two different types of air purifiers. Of course, it is important to stipulate that whole house air purifiers are not portable and do require installation by an HVAC technician. This means that at the outset, there is a primary expense. Conversely, the cost of a portable air filter can be much lower. That said, the type of filter found on whole house air purifiers are usually washable, which means that they usually do not require frequent replacement and there is no expensive recurring cost associated with the whole house air purifier. Portable air filters can conversely have expensive filters, as the kind of HEPA filter used in portable air filters is in demand. Most people are known to install a whole house air filter for a brand new house, as part of the installation process. Each type of air purifier has its place in the market, and when homeowners are struggling with allergies and poor indoor air quality, these mechanisms can assist.

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