Can My Home Benefit From a Heat Pump?

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Gearing Up for Fall and Winter

As the weather starts to cool down, it’s tempting to start cranking the heat up as high as it will possibly go. Doing that, however, can result in significantly higher energy bills than you may want to pay. Is there a way to have warm air without the steep costs? There actually is! If you are interested in a better way to heat, or cool, your home that won’t also involve a high price tag, take a look at heat pumps. This is a great investment that will provide full or additional heating to your home in the winter months. For more information about a heat pump installation in Severn and Baltimore, MD, contact Rocky HVAC. We’re available at (410) 216-0077 today. 

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What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is basically an all-in-one, heating, and air conditioning system. It works to essentially move warm air from one area to another. In the summer, the pump pulls heat from inside the home and transfers it outside of the house. Whereas in the winter, the pump will pull heat from outside the home and bring it in. If there is ever a lack of heat outside, there is usually an electric heater to supplement the heat so the air matches the thermostat settings.

At this point, you may be wondering, does a heat pump replace the furnace? While heat pumps are great for supplying heat efficiently, they ultimately do not produce as much heat as an oil, gas, or electric furnace. Because of that, it may be better to invest in a pump to supplement your heating and cooling system rather than replacing it. Depending on what size or type that you get, the heat pump cost can be relatively inexpensive. But how much does a heat pump installation cost? It can cost you a few hundred dollars or they could cost you a few thousand dollars. It ultimately depends on what size heat pump you decide on. You may feel inclined to attempt a heat pump installation DIY, but that’s often discouraged. Even for the most experienced technician, installation or replacement services can take up to 6-hours to complete. Instead, rely on the professional expertise of Rocky HVAC technicians. Since the pump is working with your ventilation system, it’s a good idea to invest in Air duct repair services as well. This will ensure that your whole system operates efficiently and effectively. 

Benefits of a Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps may sound like a great idea, but what are you really getting with them? Are you really getting a good investment with benefits and advantages? We certainly think so! There are, in fact, a host of benefits to installing a heat pump in your home today. 

  • Hot and Cool: Despite the name, heat pumps offer heating and cooling solutions for homeowners. Rather than installing two separate systems, you can utilize just the one. In the summer, the system moves heat out of the home, while in the winter, the system moves heat in. 
  • Consistency: With a traditional HVAC system, you’ll often run into the problem of inconsistent temperatures. Some areas are cool, some are warm, and some you have no idea what’s going on. With a heat pump, that is virtually eliminated. 
  • Energy Efficiency: In general, heat pumps use less energy than a typical HVAC system. That’s because this device uses electricity solely for power, not for heat generation as well. 
  • Cost Savings: Since these pumps aren’t using as much energy, nor are they producing as much energy, you’ll notice significant savings over time. Your energy bills will start to lower and you’ll experience quite a bit of saving.

If you are interested in a heat pump for your property, give Rocky HVAC a call. We are the leading experts in your area for all things heating and cooling. Just like you’d hire an expert for aluminum siding installation services, hire the experts for a heat pump installation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to install a heat pump?
    • It will depend on what you are purchasing or installing. Single air-to-air units will cost, at most, about $500. Whereas, whole-house units will run you anywhere between $2,000 and $8,000, as well as the cost for installation.
  • Do you really save money with a heat pump?
    • Yes, you do! Heat pumps help to save you money because this system only uses electricity, or gas, for power rather than the generation of heat. This not only reduces your energy bills but helps to improve your property’s carbon footprint.
  • How long does it take to install a heat pump?
    • That will depend on the type and size of the pump you are installing. Back-to-back systems will take even the most experienced technician about 4-6 hours to complete.
  • What brand heat pump is the best?
    • There are a number of brands that offer and manufacture quality heat pumps. Brands such as American Standard, Carrier, Trane, Bryant, Rheem & Ruud, Lennox, and more are great choices. 
  • What are the disadvantages of a heat pump?
    • The main disadvantage with a heat pump is the limited heat supply in comparison with oil and gas boilers. Heat pumps are great for an additional supply of warm air, but they don’t provide as much as central furnaces. 
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