Walk-in Cooler Repair

an empty industrial room refrigerator with four fans

Have a Stable Cooler System

A commercial cooler is essential in order to keep food cool in order for health and financial reasons. Although it is an important component to the function of a restaurant, cafeteria, hotels, and other buildings that use commercial coolers, it’s not given much thought until something goes wrong. If your walk-in cooler hasn’t been cooling as it used to or you are experiencing other issues that aren’t normal, call Rocky HVAC for walk-in cooler repair in Severn and Baltimore, MD. When it comes to your walk-in cooler repair, you want a professional commercial refrigeration contractor who can handle the job; fortunately, all of our contractors have had extensive screening processes to determine if they can repair, replace, and install any HVAC equipment. At the first sign of trouble, it is important to call us in order to preserve your food and other perishables. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we are committed to providing excellent walk-in cooler repair in order to save food and not lose any revenue. If you would like to make an appointment for Rocky HVAC‘s walk-in cooler repair in Severn and Baltimore, MD, just call us at (410) 921-1277 today.

When You Should Repair Your Walk-in Cooler

In regards to knowing when you should call one of our contractors for help, there are a couple of ways to determine if your walk-in cooler needs repairs.

  • Loud Noises: Your cooler shouldn’t be making loud banging noises; if you are experiencing this, you need to call us now.
  • Leaking Water: If there is pooling water around the cooler, that is an issue that needs to be remedied immediately.
  • High Energy Bills: Have you received your energy bill and couldn’t believe how high it was? It might have something to do with your cooler.
  • Spotty Temperatures: The cooler should be at the same temperature throughout. If you walk into the cooler and it’s not very cool, you need to call someone.

If you are dealing with these kinds of problems or something else is going on, feel free to call us at (410) 921-1277 to find out if you need walk-in cooler repair in Severn and Baltimore, MD.

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Call for Walk-in Cooler Repair

Get your walk-in cooler in great shape when you call Rocky HVAC With expertly trained contractors, state-of-the-art tools and equipment, and quality replacement parts, we have the means to repair your walk-in cooler good as new. If for some reason you are unhappy with our work or service, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. It’s important that our customers are satisfied with our services, so we will work extremely hard to give you the services that you want and deserve. We pride ourselves on being a reliable, quick, and efficient company, working closely with our customers to make sure they know what’s going on. If you are looking for a company that works hard to exceed your expectations, call Rocky HVAC today at (410) 921-1277 and one of our contractors can set an appointment time that is convenient for you. Get professional walk-in cooler repair in Severn and Baltimore, MD today!