Thermostat Replacement

Adjusting room temperature with electronic thermostat at home

Have Better Temperature Control

A thermostat is a vital part of your air conditioning system because it controls the A/C unit. Because of this, its job is to make sure your home or business is cool and comfortable. Like most devices in our homes or businesses, repairs and replacements are necessary. However, sometimes replacements are more cost-effective than actual repairs. When this happens, you can call on the team at Rocky HVAC. For homeowners or commercial property owners who need a thermostat replacement, we are here to help! We want you to have the best thermostat for your home and cooling needs, so we work closely with you to find a thermostat that will do just that. We offer a number of thermostat brands from Honeywell to Carrier and will help you find one that is within your budget. Our technicians are skilled and trained to replace any thermostat, so customers can feel at ease knowing they are dealing with a licensed professional. Call us today at (410) 921-1277 for thermostat replacement in Severn and Baltimore, MD.

Thermostat Repair

It’s important to have a thermostat that is expertly installed. When a thermostat is installed incorrectly, it can lead to your air conditioner running longer than it should, which can cause high energy bills. But thermostats can act up even without improper installation; over time our thermostats can cause problems, which can only be remedied with thermostat repair. The technicians at Rocky HVAC, have years of experience repairing faulty thermostats, so we can fix any issue that you might be having with your thermostat. Having a fully functioning thermostat is crucial in order to save money and get the airflow that you want, and at Rocky HVAC, we are here to provide exceptional repairs to get your thermostat back in shape. If you are a residential or commercial property owner who needs thermostat repair or even thermostat replacement in Severn and Baltimore, MD, please call us now at (410) 921-1277to schedule an appointment.

Female hand setting a digital thermostat

Thermostat Upgrade

If you have a manual thermostat in your home or business, you understand how frustrating it can be to always change the settings. At certain times of the year, you have to change your thermostat from heating to cooling and vice versa, which can be a real pain. Upgrading to a new thermostat will not only decrease energy costs, but it will be easier to use and better at controlling temperatures even if you aren’t in the house. Rocky HVAC can help customers who are looking for a thermostat upgrade for their home or business. We carry a number of brands like Honeywell, Carrier, and more that can extend the life of your system, are eco-friendly, and have automation capabilities. Interested in a thermostat upgrade or thermostat replacement in Severn and Baltimore, MD? Just call (410) 921-1277 to learn more about our thermostat brands and our air conditioning service.